International Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances

This course:

Covers the development of a strategy for international business expansion;

Evaluates the differences between start-up, merger, acquisition, alliances, and contractual operations;

Helps to understand organizational and national factors affecting an IMAA’s success or failure;

Discusses life cycle, trends, and waves of MAAs; measurement of success and performance; compatibility criteria and the level of trust required for the MAA; organizing to buy-and-sell and strategic and psychological preparation;

Covers managing sustainability: communicating and obtaining buy-in into the new vision; future preferences; organizational structure; strategic objectives;

Discusses developing the implementation and integration plan and managing the process integration; evaluating intangible assets; managing simultaneously the relationship and the business; managing stress, uncertainty, anxiety, and integration; dealing with culture clash and planning the post-integration period, including re-acculturation;

Reviews different approaches to the understanding of culture in IMAAs; cultural awareness; double layers of national and corporate acculturation; synergy realization; the importance of leadership; psychological communication interventions; and developing a framework for cultural due diligence to bridge the cultural divide and define the appropriate degree of integration and cultural autonomy.